Wednesday, September 10, 2008

september 10: can you beleive it???

have i really been off-blog for almost 2 weeks??? i have. it's been a wild ride round here lately. what's been going on?


remember a few weeks ago when i mentioned going to a party and meeting a nice, new man? it seems like that nice, new man might be something not unlike what some people have been known to call a "boyfriend," although i'm clearly very hesitant to give him that appellation quite yet. we haven't quite gone there yet. just spent 3 weekends together. isn't that enough? i really, really like him. he's just a normal, average, everyday EXTRAORDINARY man, which is exactly what i wanted. is he too normal for me? sometimes i worry. he's an omnivore, he goes to restaurants and out to bars. i don't mind. i want to go out too, i just want to eat what i eat and not drink. is that ok? he's crazy about me - does that mean he's crazy? it's such a new situation. it's pretty amazing. i'm enjoying it thoroughly.

in the meantime, i just found out tonight that i'm going to be an AUNTIE! my brother and his wife are having a BABY!!! isn't that incredible? the first grandbaby in my family. it's so cool.

ah, life!

i'm still eating 811, although i think my fat percentages are up. i'm not stressing over it. not right now. too much upheaval. i'm still 100% raw, and that's what matters most to me at the moment. the only part of my "new protocol" that i was able to maintain over the past 2 weeks has been the oil pulling, which has been very successful and i'm happy with that. i'm noticing a lot less sensitivity in my mouth. still not perfect, but better. i'm doing my best to stick with fruit during the day, and then if i go out, have a salad, and if i stay in, i have my tahini. i'm ready to give it up, but i'm not ready NOW, if you know what i mean. other than that, i'm feeling great, doing great, and according to my friends and students, looking great! it's pretty fun.