Wednesday, April 1, 2009

P90X Challenge Day 17

2 weeks under my belt, and yet my belt remains unchanged. what gives? I'm ready to see some results, and I haven't seen any yet.

That's not true. I'm a lot stronger already. I just completed my 3rd session of the arms and shoulders video, and the first week I used the 3 pound weights, the 2nd week the 5 pounds, and today I used the 8's. that's some rapid progress! I'm also getting much greater depth in my pushups, and I've started doing the ab ripper this week like a good girl. so, I am seeing results, just not in the mirror or in my jeans.

It's getting easier, and so therefore it's getting harder. I'm increasing my strength and range of motion, so I'm able to start to get into the intensity of the program. up to this point, I've done what I could and then waited until it was time to do the next thing, and now I'm working the whole time. If only I could finish a Plyo!

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