Saturday, March 21, 2009

P90X Challenge Day 6

I'm wrapping up this first week of the P90X - 811 challenge, and I feel GREAT. I really do. I'm still sore, but nowhere near as incapacitated as I was the first few days. Yesterday I did a power yoga class in addition to doing the Legs and Back vid for the first time - 2 new things, both fairly leg-intense, both about an hour of fairly leg-intense work - and then attempted to walk about 2 miles to go to an outdoor concert. Ummmm... Nuh-uh. My legs turned to jelly. I felt like I was walking through water. I felt like I was riding a bicycle, without the bicycle. It was weird. I needed to go home, be boring, and not move my legs for awhile.

So what I'm doing now with my P90X challenge is that I'm doing yoga every day, not just on the yoga days or the rest days. I'm doing this for a few reasons. 1) because doing yoga is what I do, or at least it has been, and the reason I'm doing the P90X is to help improve my yoga practice. So it's like an athlete doing strength work. I want to be an athlete - a yoga athlete. 2) my muscles naturally go tight, and so by doing extra flexibility work, I'm hoping to counteract any shortening and tightening of the muscles. 3) Tony talks about "X-ing it up" in the videos, so to me, that means you keep doing the rest of your physical life! You don't just stop because of the P90X, you keep going. So if you're a runner, keep running. If you're a dancer, keep dancing. In order to be able to do the P90X anyway, you've got to already be in pretty good shape, so keep going. Keep it up.

What I'm noticing now, after the initial deep soreness and tightness is wearing off - big improvements already. I can squat deeper, lunge deeper. I'm moving more into my range of motion. I think my recovery time is speeding up - I don't feel super sore this morning at all. And I feel like my flexibility is improving.

And! Saturday morning is weigh-in time! Woo-hoo!

Last week (pre-P90X, still eating cooked): weight 120.5, bf 25.5%
3.20 (Day 6 P90x-811 Challenge): weight 117.8, bf 23.5%

2.7 pounds lost!!! bf dropped 2 whole % points!

When I was setting up my scale, I couldn't figure out what one of the little icons meant, so I just set it. Got on, weighed myself, and it came up with 14% bodyfat! holy moly! I thought my scale was defective, and then I realized that my scale thought I was a Man, baby!

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